Deforestation in Haiti

Deforestation in Haiti is a severe environmental problem. Haiti's deforestation began in 1804 after the successful slave revolution. More >>
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Haiti Development Bond

The Third Global Haitian Diaspora Congress resolved that borrowing from...

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Haiti Think Tank & Policy Advocacy

In collaboration with the Government of Haiti and international institutions...

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La Maison de la Diaspora

To engage the Haitian Diaspora in the reconstruction and sustained Economic...

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Annual Haitian Diaspora Unity congress in collaboration with The Haitian League ...

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PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release   Contact: Sandra Thomas (786) 218 7161   Washington DC, April 7, 2014 – The Global Haitian Diaspora Federation [GHDF] congratulates Ambassador Duly Brutus on his appointment at the helm of Haiti’s Ministry of For...
Washington DC, February 6, 2014 – The Global Haitian Diaspora Federation welcomes the scheduled historic meeting between the President of the first black republic and the first black President of the United States on Thursday February 6, 2014. The Global Haitian Diaspora Federation urges Presi...